Do you hold the rights to a trademark/copyright? Do you have a legal issue with a piece of content that we are publishing?

Our Stucture

  • We are a publisher that licenses content made by 3rd party creators who have assured us that their content does not breach any copyrights/trademarks.

Takedown Procedure

If you are the owner of copyright/trademark, or are acting as an attorney/legal representative, please e-mail hello [AT] weareblocklab [DOT] com with the following:

  • The URL(s) of the alleged infringement
  • The URL(s) of your original copyrighted/trademarked works(s)
  • The legal owner of the copyrighted/trademarked works, plus any trademark/patent serial numbers
  • Your contact details (name, email, phone inc. country code)
  • A statement of what actions you expect us to take and why

Please only contact us is if you are the legal owner of the copyrighted/tradmarked works, or a a legal representative. If you send a DMCA takedown notice that is both false and meant in bad faith (such as to harass, or doesn’t state a real claim) we may be unable to act on your request. Please only get in touch for legitimate legal issues.

We aim to respond and act on your notice within a timely manner during office hours (GMT/UK).

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