Business Intelligence

We've developed industry-leading tech to make your daily estimated sales viewable via an AWS QuickSight dashboard. Enabling you to keep your finger on the pulse of your business.

What can I see?

That is a great question! Our Business Intelligence Dashboard (BI Dashboard) includes:

  • Estimated Royalties Last 30 days, as a table by date/product/earnings.
  • Top Performing Products Last 30 days, your top earning products in a condensed table by date/product/earnings.
  • Estimated Daily Royalties Chart Last 30 days, your top earning products displayed in a chart.
  • Estimated Monthly Royalties Chart Your top earning products displayed in a chart, grouped by month.
  • Content Heatmap Showing your content sales in a nice visual format.
  • Estimated Monthly Royalties A chart showing your estimated royalties in a table by month.
  • Top 3 earners A list of your best content.
  • Bottom 3 earners A list of your worst selling content.
  • + more

We also provide the sales data without a royalty calculation for all the above stats too.

Illustration of a QuickSight Dashboard

How often does it update?

The data refreshes every 1 to 3 days (sometimes longer in exceptional circumstances). We'll send you a Discord Bot notification when your estimated sales data refreshes - so you don't need to keep refreshing in anticipation!

How do I access it?

Once we have approved you as a creator you access your BI Dashboard via a web browser, or by downloading the AWS QuickSight app for iOS/Android.

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